Our History

When Giampiero Buratti founded Gima in 1968, he had its mission very clear: to pursue excellence in mechanical manufacturing with passion and determination.

As a matter of fact, since the beginning Gima imposed itself as a term of reference in the production of components for electronic devices, and it is still appreciated today for the precision of manufacturing and compliance with requirements.

Over the years, the company has also started the production of electronic boards and added more and more complex electromechanical products.

To this aim, in 1992 Corel was founded, a company of the group that is specialized in the design and production of electronic boards and devices, which is either able to work in partnership with Gima or provide solutions independently.

This policy has always led Gima to get the most advanced technologies, the most efficient processes, the most evolved equipment, in order to honor in each of its products the ambitious intuition of its founder.

Even today, Gima maintains the same vision and does not compromise on the values that make it an excellence in its field.

Gima 1

primary headquarters and main production site

Gima 2

Site for electro-mechanical assemblies integration

Gima 3

assembly and testing site for finished products