High precision mechanical machining

We are at the forefront in all the most common processes on small and medium-sized parts, in particular:

  • laser cutting;
  • bending;
  • milling;
  • turning;
  • pressing;
  • MIG/MAG and TIG welding;

Surface Finishing

We supply the finished product, including aesthetic and functional surface treatments:

  • brushing;
  • tumbling;
  • galvanic treatments;
  • painting;
  • laser marking;

Electro-mechanical assembly

We assemble any type of device or subassembly, with custom mechanical and electronic components, typically made by us. Any particular components are sourced through a network of historic and qualified partners. We can manage complex Bills of Materials, on different levels and acquire the commercial components necessary to finalize the subassembly. Finally, we are able to carry out exhaustive functional testing, also setting up dedicated test benches.

Metrological control

We have sophisticated automatic systems for the dimensional control of mechanical parts.

Functional testing

We develop procedures and functional test benches for electromechanical assemblies at all levels of depth and resolution.

We are able to support you in defining the most effective testing strategy, in the design and development of the most functional systems based on the complexity and quantity of your products.

Mechanical design support

The industrialization team is one of the flagships of the GIMA group. Highly qualified professionals contribute with absolute competence and confidentiality to the optimization of the production process, providing useful indications to the Customer for the prevention of potential problems during the production phase, and contributing with practical and functional improvements that provide additional value to the product. All this while maintaining the Customer’s aesthetic properties and fundamental design requirements unchanged, but with a strong propensity for cost optimization. We are particularly appreciated for reverse engineering, i.e. the creation of construction specifications (drawings, BOM, procedures, etc.) starting from an existing object, with the purpose to industrialize an equivalent object. A fundamental activity to modify or update individual components or devices, to make improvements in terms of performance, industrialization, or cost reduction.

Formalization of technical specifications

We support the Customer in reverse engineering, i.e. the creation of construction specifications (drawings, BOM, procedures, etc.) starting from an existing object, which allow an equivalent object to be industrialized.

Wharehouse and Logistics

GIMA’s generous spaces allow us to assist you with flexibility in managing your products: do you have space limitations? We support you in the storage of materials.

Do you operate or would you like to operate with recall deliveries? We are structured to operate according to the Kanban methodology.