What we produce in the aerospace sector

We manufacture housings and avionics parts, mainly in aluminium and plastic materials.

In this sector our strength is quality and the meticulous application of controlled and traceable processes. Examples of our usual products are:

  • avionic cabinets;
  • enclosures for sensors and instrumentation;
  • control panels;

What we provide to you

Our products are born from metal plates which, through laser cutting system, multifunctional machining centres and automated robot bending machines, take shape. We assemble complex semi-finished products using mechanical systems or certified welding, realized with completely automated processes. We manage chip removal operations, with the help of modern numerically controlled lathes and three and five-axis milling machines. We set up the metal structures by integrating mechanical, electronic and wiring components made by the companies of the group.

We certify each production step through tracking and verification systems, providing the customer with dedicated reports.